Health Safety and Environment

Health, Safety and Environment

Health, safety & environment is an integral part of our every operations and shall complement an equal input for the success of our all business venture. In resolving work issues, every employee must accept personal responsibility; supervisors are to constantly monitor their operational area and observe safety behaviour of his employees as well as the condition of workplaces under its premises. Any unsafe behaviour must be timely corrected and condition systematically rectified. Management will routinely engage with all employees, listen to their difficulties, commend all good safety habits and criticize constructively all bad safety habits and encourage all employees to permanently remove complacency.

The management of Connect Power is committed to provide a safe and secure work environment to all our employees, who are bound to observe and adhere to this program. Health & safety has always stayed as the prime objective and safety on the job in any way is the principal motive. The management is aware of the fact that no operation is important that it must be done in a manner which permits undue hazard to personnel or property.

Connect Power relies on all workers to be healthy and work safely and to take care of their fellow workers. This can only be achieved through clear, consistent communication and planning of all activities, including those activities that are planned for coming years.

This HSE plan is therefore critical to our ability to go home healthy & safely and must be communicated and aligned way throughout our activities to achieve our desired goal; an incident and injury free projects.

Health, Safety & Environment POLICY

“Health, Safety & Environment” is an essential part of Connect Power policy. The provision of safe & healthy working condition is of utmost importance to the Company. No activity on the project will ever be of such importance than health & safety. Safety will never be sacrificed for the sake of expediency.
This will be achieved by:

  1. Setting up a HSE organization and defining the responsibilities for each level of employee.
  2. Providing the necessary ongoing HSE instructions and training for both new recruits and old employees.
  3. Supplying the necessary means for a healthy and safe working environment and for an adequate personal protection.
  4. Supervising continuously all working activities.
  5. Promoting the involvement of the individuals’ at all organizational levels in controlling and reporting health & safety standards violations.
  6. Ensuring accurate reporting and investigation of any accidents and for injuries.
  7. Encouraging, whenever possible, discussion on health & safety matters.
  8. In coordination with the concern, ensuring the necessary first-aid and medical assistance.
  9. Providing adequate financial allowances to implement this policy.